The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course

The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course

Learn To Trade The Stock Market by A Trading Firm CEO. Inc: Technical Analysis, Candlesticks, Stocks, Day Trading +++

This is the same introductory course that our full-time traders from the Montreal Trading Group real estate trading company followed before being employed by the company.

This course includes not only the material needed to succeed in trading but also the way we interpret different types of information in real time to make the best decisions possible.

So, if you want to generate additional income when trading with stocks or if you want trading to be your only source of income (like our merchants), this course is for you.

In this course, we will cover the information for beginners and intermediaries so that you can access the right path to become a successful and consistently profitable trader. In addition to all the material, we will give you tips, techniques and personal opinions on the stock market that have greatly accelerated our success.

It is a complete separate course in 2, it is the first part of the series.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how the stock market works.
  • Discover the process by which a company goes on to become a publicly traded company.
  • Learn more about the history of the stock market and its evolution.
  • Master technical analysis: candlestick patterns, graphic patterns, volume indicators, and techniques.
  • Filter noise, know what our traders use and how they think. Get a view from the point of view of a professional trader.
  • How to send orders and different types of orders.
  • Different exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX.
  • Risk management: how to reduce losses and manage the overall risk of the portfolio.
  • Money management: how to manage the risk in each position, how many shares to buy and where to suffer a loss.
  • How to sell short to make money in case of market decline.
  • Psychology of the profession: become an expert on human emotions and different prejudices that prevent us from achieving great success.

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